When is the final date for submitting my paper?
- 30. November 2015
- Please send your manuscript to the Chair of Publications (steiner-weber@uni-bonn.de).
- Guidelines will be published on time.

Is my paper subjected to peer review?
- Yes. Thus it will not be automatically accepted.

Is the Congress Venue equipped with WLAN?
- Yes. There will be a WLAN-voucher in your Congress package.

Is there Audio-Visual-Equipment in each lecture room?
- Yes. There will be students for assistance.
- Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive.

I am chairing a session. Are there special requirements?
- There will be a chair(wo)man's form in your Congress package: You are kindly asked to indicate the TITLE OF THE SESSION & the NAMES OF THE SPEAKERS. Please sign the completed form and hand it in at the information desk (next to the Small Ceremonial Hall).

I am a plenary speaker. Which kind of Audio-Visual Equipment do I find in the Big Ceremonial Hall?
- There are 2 screens for your presentation. You are speaking from the highly representative pulpit.
- The text of your paper will be distributed to everyone entering the Hall.  

I am presenting a poster & will bring it on arrival. Will I get any help?
- Yes. Please bring your poster to the information desk. We will show you the perfect place for your poster. (The posters will be presented in front of the Small Ceremonial Hall and in front of the Senate's Chamber.) You can write well in advance to ianls.vienna@univie.ac.at for further details.

My poster was produced in Vienna according to the guidelines which were sent out. Who will care for my poster?
- Our team will find the ideal place for your poster (see above). We will arrange everything for you.

I am member of the Advisory Board of the IANLS. Where and when will we meet?
- You will find an invitation to the meetings in your Congress package. There will be 2 meetings (during the lunch breaks on Monday & Friday). 

Is there any possibility to make copies?
- Yes. There is a copying machine in the Institute for Classical Philology, Medieval and Neo-Latin Studies. Please ask for help at the information desk.

Where do I get lunch for the prepaid lunch tickets?
- Lunch will be served from Monday to Friday in the "Mensa" (NIG. Neues Institutsgebäude, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Wien) within walking distance to the University Main Building (Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien).

Where are the coffee breaks?
- Hot & cold drinks and refreshments are served in the Small Ceremonial Hall (next to the Big Ceremonial Hall) which will be the catering area for the whole week.

Are there lockers for my personal belongings?
- There are no lockers, but a wardrobe (next to the Small Ceremonial Hall & the information desk) guarded by members of our team.



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